These clients have benefited from my services.




Coachina | Adult Education Centre of Oulu


We started our coaching journey with Sari. I am very pleased with our journey results. I received a lot of new ideas, a new approach and tools to my work - especially in terms of coping with my workload. Sari is an empathetic but assertive coach. This coaching style suited me very well. I did not receive ready-made ideas, but a lot of questions, through which my own thought process started. This has led to many new insights, which allows me now to better visualise my profession as an element of my life.

Merja Julkunen, Manager, Adult Education Centre of Oulu






Mentor-coaching for proffesionals


Sari’s skills as a mentor-coach are very convincing. As a coach, she has an excellent ability to create an open, supportive conversation inviting environment. Sari constantly reflects actively on her own way of operating and encourages others to do same.

Kirsi Mylly, occupational health psychology / Leadership Coach.





Coachina | Outokumpu


Discussions with Sari have opened up new perspectives and approaches are dealing with the management of our practical affairs. We have been able to discuss workplace related matters affecting the operation of the different approaches and their potential uses our case. The coaching I have received from Sari enabled me to approach management with a more team spirited approach and the ability to evaluate my own role from our organization’s point of view. Achieving our goals throughout the organization is improved significantly for my own and team leadership through the viewpoints that Sari raised.

Jyrki Salmi, Chief Operations Officer, Outokumpu Ferrochrome






Coach | Nordea


Sari Ilo is an excellent personal and group coach, who has a fantastic skill and ability to identify a clients needs and adapt to those needs. Sari is a very professional coach, and she gracefully can combins her coaching with business know-how and versatile training methods. I would highly recommend with Sari –she provides results that is financially visible

Hanna Härmä, Sales Support and Training, Nordea Life Assurance Finland







Coaching Partner | Heini Salmu | management training, organizational development


Together with Heini we have implemented leadership training programs, and coaching related to performance appraisals and sales management. Heini has extensive management experience that is based on strong assertiveness and "structured creativity” benefitted our partnership. Heini is a trained economist and professional coach. She combines both business mangament and the understanding of human activity in equal measure.





Taitoavain | Mari Aalto


Mari is a entrepreneurial in Taitoavain, development expert and Training Officer. She is involved in various business development projects skills surveys and training and development plans production. Mari Aalto is at her best as a development partner to predict organizations future skills requirements and develop strategies to develop those needed skills. Taitoavain key services include skill assessments, personnel well-being, as well as those topics related to talent management training workshops.





Human Work Partners | Pirjo Hämäläinen


Pirjo is a work and organizational psychologist (PsL). She is a highly specialized psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor, with whom I have been able examine working life, in particular from a working-age population viewpoint and well-being perspective. Pirjo is also specialized in the development of awareness skills and how to apply those skills during stress management and well-being of different groups. She is currently part of northern Finlands, selected few mindfulness-coach team of experts. Pirjo's approach to work is based on solid work experience, particularly in the field of health and well-being in which she has an clear understanding and can therefore help to open up new perspectives based from cognitive-and resource-oriented viewpoint.sen psykologian näkökulmiin.





Mind Avenue | Pirkko Aminoff


skills to combine practical and theoretical knowledge, which enables efficiency and goal-setting. Together we have developed management teams and supervisors, coached teams, and trained staff working community skills. Pirkko is a trained economist, Bachelor of Education and a professional coach who understands that strategic direction and development of human resources make work processes is the foundation for a productive workforce.iewpoint.







Sometimes, a good working environment may end up with a situation in which work conciliation and spontaneous collaboration is needed to restore a working community. The working force conciliation process is based on the willingness to agree and move on. We do not seek the for the one truth, but to see different points of view, and thereby understand and ways to be a better working community – as one. Our partners Maiju Osterman, occupational health nurse and organizational consultant.






Tenpro Consulting


Suitable candidates in the right places! I work as a Tenpro Consulting partner in the Oulu region, in particular suitability assessments but also for other offered development






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