Sari Ilo Palvelut



Iloco goal is to inspire people and organizations. An organization’s work and productivity stipulates how training courses are designed and implemented for each customer. Training methods are as practical as possible and encourages co-operation, as well as investigating various viewpoints. Customers include large and medium-sized businesses, public sector organizations and educational organizations.

Examples of the training sets

  • Increasing confidence
  • Job satisfaction and relevance
  • Improving cooperation
  • Interaction and cooperation
  • Self-awareness and leadership
  • Working with the practices and processes of renewal
  • Conflict management
  • Well-being
  • Facilitation skills
  • Organization of Cultural Development
  • Development discussions quality
  • Change in employment

Coaching methods

  • Participative workshops
  • Group coaching
  • Expert lectures
  • Visual facilitation
  • Functional methods
  • Aassessments of individuals and teams

Assessment methods

  • MBTI Myers-Briggs type indicator
  • Strategic career model
  • 360 ° assessments
  • Interview methods
  • Competence assessment