Iloco Oy – What would you like to achieve?

Iloco Oy, established in 2009, offers a wide range of leadership coaching services and coaching for work communities. The company’s founder, Sari Ilo MA (Education), Work and Organisational Psychologist and Coach PCC, has some 20 years of experience in coaching and consultation, leadership development, the coaching of groups and organisations, as well as specialist executive duties in leadership management. In addition, she has expertise in leadership and organisations from the perspective of occupational health.

Iloco Oy

One of Iloco’s many strengths is its reliable network of experts, thanks to which it is able to meet a wide range of client needs, always on a case-by-case basis. We work with courage and creativity at the grassroots level. These are the cornerstones of our values.

Coaching that promotes the foundations for meaningful work and profitability of an organisation is designed and carried out to meet the specific needs of each client. Our methods are down-to-earth, encourage cooperation, and promote one’s awareness of various viewpoints. Our clients include SMEs and public sector organisations. Large-scale projects are carried out with our reliable expert coaching partners. 

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