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One of Iloco’s strengths is its expert entrepreneur Sari Ilo. Iloco is versatile, strong and skilled thanks to its reliable network of partners. Iloco cooperates with Valmennuskumppani Oy and Mind Avenue Oy

Valmennuskumppani / Heini Salmu / Leadership coaching, organisational development

We have carried out coaching programmes for managers and training related to performance appraisals and sales management with Heini. When we work as a team, Heini’s assertiveness and ‘structured creativity', stemming from her long career in managerial roles, come into their own.

Heini has a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration, and she is an ICF-certified coach. Her professional approach combines a business-like mindset and a strong understanding of the way people work in equal measure.

Mind Avenue Oy / Pirkko Aminoff

Together with Pirkko, we have carried out extensive projects that focus on the development of organisational culture and leadership in various organisations. We have developed executive teams and managerial work together, and coached teams and personnel in cooperation skills. Pirkko holds a Master of Science degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences, and she is an ICF-certified coach who emphasises the importance of efficient teamwork and smooth communications based on trust as the preconditions of the profitable work of an organisation. We also coach executive groups to work as teams.

Outi Merilahti | Master of Science (Engineering) | Master of Science (Econ.) Oulu

Outi has extensive and versatile experience in sales, marketing and R&D in companies of all sizes. She has participated in a number of start-ups and has a profound understanding of enterprises and their operating environments. Currently, Outi is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu and Iloco’s development partner.

Would you like to cooperate with me? Would you like to work with me?

I’m looking for a cooperation partner. Someone who is willing to take responsibility, someone kind and courageous, someone interested in people at work, leadership and organisational cultures. Someone who is appropriately humble but knows their value, who is bold enough to take a risk and understands the different shades of the world, and the world of work in particular. Someone who takes care of themselves, is curious and free of prejudice. Someone whose way of solving problems is through dialogue and cooperation. Contact me and let’s see what we could come up with together!

Sari Ilo, 050 321 4156

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